Here is What’s Happening This January 2020


Fishing is great. Tides are low so finding fish is easier. Watch the water temps on real cold days. The flats chill and warm up faster than the guts and channels. Live and dead shrimp are my choices. Throwing artificial slow your retrieve as the fish are moving slower in cold water. Good luck out there and beware of the shallow reefs.

A Special Note From Captain Clark

I keep hearing stories about fishing with guides that won’t let the customers fish, the kind that sticks it in a rod holder and waits. Then they want to set the hook for you. Not on my boat. If your rod is in a holder, you should be getting a snack, soda, or a beer. 

I like to explain the strategy for the day then coach the kids or adults on how to git’er dun! We may miss a few but better than me setting the hook, reeling it partway in, then handing a pole to someone saying here reel that in. 

I will let the kids fish and do it all. The youngsters love when I let them net the fish also. Fishing is supposed to be fun not stressful. On my boat, that is not the norm. Your fish, you catch it. I hope this helps and I’ll see you on the water.